The Shitty Anime Kyle Picked.....thanks.

We back at it with a new anime series this week, we start our journey with the hyper violent Baki. We also switch up the formula a bit with the Pakistani princess, Mr. Harris "HK 47" Khan hosting for the duration of this anime.

The hot piss that is Baki continues this week with episodes 5-9. Everything is trash and nothing makes sense as this anime continues to go down roads that offends the eyes. Harris continues to fight for the crown of "funny one", WILL HE WIN!?!?!?!

....part one is finally over.....this is trash and so is kyle.


The hentai that isnt that is? that isnt?

We reach the season finale of part 2 in the Baki saga. Baki was in about 2 maybe this was better than the first part? I dunno man....

We're back at it.......why wont they stop making this fucking show...

Everybody loves this ish everybody loves this ish......everybody hates this ish everybody hates this ish.

Holy shit its finally over.......or is it?

its....its not over.....they wont fucking stop making them.

HARRIS TURNS 32 BAYBEE and it fuckin looks good at him. Baki is still fuckin butt.